On Saturday, January 14, faculty, staff, students, and alumni participated in Day of Scholarship 2023 which was led and organized by Dr. Kj Swanson, Affiliate Faculty and Common Curriculum Coordinator, and Dr. Paul Hoard, Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology. This event on campus at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology highlighted how community members are contributing to national disciplinary and interdisciplinary conversations, provided perspective on the work happening across the institution, and expanded imagination for scholarship as learners committed to serving God and neighbor through transforming relationships. Throughout the day, alumni, students, faculty, and staff shared their work through poster presentations and speaker sessions. The event brought together participants from across The Seattle School, including the Center for Transforming Engagement and Allender Center–as well as the school’s two publications, The Other Journal and Christ & Cascadia.

Day of Scholarship began with the Research Poster Reception. During the reception, faculty, staff, students, and alumni presented posters and engaged in conversations on their topics of research and scholarship. See a list of poster presenters below.

During the first session, faculty and staff speakers shared on the theme of “Pursuing Your Questions.” First, Dr. Doug Shirley, Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology, provided wisdom and encouragement in the process: “And if your project doesn’t fall apart, it probably won’t go where it needs to go. Only when the thing falls apart, only then are you open to falling in love with the work that is waiting for you.” He also explained the Institutional Review Board at The Seattle School which reviews and approves protocols when human subjects are used in research. Dr. Jermaine Ma, Adjunct Faculty, called students into “answering these questions that are pressing on you because you are created in a specific way in this particular time in history and you’re going to ask these questions in a way no one else will.[…]Leading into this curiosity is leading into who you are.” Dr. Zac Settle represented The Other Journal, which is committed to being a “progressive, constructive, and charitable Christian voice that resources readers to love God, love neighbor and invest in the hope that the world would be further characterized by justice and peace.” As Editor-in-Chief, he also shared with students how to convert a graduate-level class paper into a publishable essay. The Seattle School ecosystem houses two journals, The Other Journal and Christ & Cascadia, providing built-in opportunities for students to submit work for publication.

In the second session, faculty and staff shared perspectives and guidance on “Advancing the Conversation.” Kelsey Wallace, Registrar, opened by sharing from her current experience as a PhD candidate, specifically focusing on selecting and participating in conferences: “What conversation do I want to be a part of?” Kate Rae Davis, MDiv ‘15, Director of Center for Transforming Engagement and current doctoral student, advocated for practicing radical generosity and transparency that are liberating and rewarding: “Share your work generously. Trust in a spiritual capital that transcends… Put the work you’re trying to achieve ahead of your own ego.” Dr. Dwight Friesen, Associate Professor of Practical Theology, told the story of “how a practical theologian started working with the United Nations (UN) Habitat.” His recent collaboration with the UN finds its roots in his life story, from his commitment to faithful presence, walking and praying through parishes and zip codes to mobilizing and implementing a multifaith and global effort with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Day of Scholarship 2023 encouraged creativity, conversation, and collaboration in research and scholarship across The Seattle School. This event connected faculty, staff, students, and alumni, facilitated dialogue and helped community members discover a variety of projects while also strengthening a collective culture of generosity, development, and advancement. As Dr. Kj Swanson summarized, “There’s a big “&” in the middle of our name…At the core of being an interdisciplinary institution, we need each other.”

Day of Scholarship 2023 Poster Gallery Presenters

Poster Presenter(s) Affiliation Poster Title Notes
Amy Au Student, MACP “The Fawn Response In Polyvagal Theory: Clarifying The ‘Fuzziness’ Of Consent In Surviving Sexual Violence For Lot’s Daughters” Paper
Emma Baker Student, MACP “Loss In The Time Of Pandemic: Fumbling Through Covid’s Fog” MACP CTA concentration
Danielle S.Castillejo, LMHCA, MA Alumni “Encountering Race In A White Body” Website
Kathleen Cope Student, MACP “Embodied Connection And Human Flourishing” Paper, CTA concentration
Gabriel L.M. Crawford, MDiv Student, MACP “Proposing a psychodynamic personalism: Inviting Dietrich von Hildebrand to the psychoanalytic table.” Funded in part by Hildebrand Project
Kate Rae Davis, MDiv, Rachel Sanchez, MDiv, & Andrea Sielaff, MA Staff, Center for Transforming Engagement & Alumni (K. Davis) “Building Resilience through Effective Small Groups: Narrative Process Circles for Pastors and Christian Leaders” Related publication by these authors: Journal of Psychology and Theology
Grace Elizabeth Dye (with Ellen Perleberg, UNC-Chapel Hill) Student, MACP “Queering Religious Knowledge Transfer In Seattle Jewish Communities” Affiliated with the Stroum Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Washington. Related publications by these authors: Brill, I-Land Journal
Philip Hayes Student, MATC “Memory of Dr. King: Liberation or Appropriation?” Google Slides Version of Presentation
Paul Hoard, PhD, & Ron Ruthruff, PhD Faculty “Exploring White Antiracist Pedagogy” Both professors are participants in 2023 Becoming a White Antiracist Workshop through Wabash, upcoming publications
Kristen Houston, MA & Kelsey Wallace, MDiv Staff, Graduate School “Evolving Trends in Accessing Graduate School Education” Poster
Joel Kiekentveld, PhD Faculty, Graduate School “Toward Applying a PhD Thesis at Street Level” Adjunct Professor at The Seattle School & Research Associate, Centre for Faith and Community at the University of Pretoria. References [1][2][3][4][5]
Lauren Pattie Staff, Christ & Cascadia “Innovative Faith Practices In Cascadia” Christ & Cascadia
Lauren D. Sawyer, PhD, (with Victoria Houser, PhD, at Methodist University in NC) Faculty & Alumni “Purity Culture And The Limits Of Queer Evangelicalism” Both researchers are members of Purity Culture Research Collective. Related publication: book chapter.
Jocelyn D. Skillman, LMHC, MHP, CMHS Alumni & Staff “Proposed Research: The Clinical Frame’s Impact on Clinician Personality & Wellbeing – Evolving Mental Health Care to Improve Vocational Sustainability and Practitioner Health “ Website
Felicia Tran Student, MATC & Staff, Allender Center “LANDBACK and the American Church” References: [1] [2][3][4][5][6][7]
MaryJane Wilt, PhD Alumni “Grounds For Marriage: A Fresh Starting Point For Couples In Crisis” & “Helping Families Turn Tension into Teamwork: A Family Systems Assessment/Intervention/Treatment Tool” Website

Grounds for Marriage: [1][2]

Helping Families: [1][2]