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Engage your narrative: world-class training in trauma recovery with Dr. Dan Allender

The Allender Center at The Seattle School is a training and transformation hub for pastors, therapists, lay counselors, and community leaders to understand their own stories in order to more deeply enter the lives of those they are called to love and serve, especially in the area of trauma and abuse recovery.

Committed to Restoration

We operate out of Dr. Dan Allender’s conviction that God, the author of all story, has called you to write your own story in interaction with the stories of others and as contributions to the ongoing narrative that God is telling. To that end, we equip you to:

Transformation Opportunities


We offer unique training experiences for therapists, ministry leaders, and healing advocates to deepen their skill in trauma recovery by understanding the interplay between personal narrative and trauma. From introductory and online courses to advanced consultation, you will be equipped to engage your own story, and you’ll be given the tools to engage others with courage and care.

Deepen your capacity


Our conferences offer teaching of our core material to a larger audience. Topics include marriage and relationships, the importance of knowing and exploring your life story, and understanding the impact of harm and abuse.

Grow in awareness


For a more in-depth experience, we offer workshops that include teaching coupled with extensive small group times led by our skilled facilitator team. Our workshops create a safe space to share and explore life experiences for the purpose of receiving feedback, illumination, and meaningful care.

Heal in community

Wendell Moss on the unique honor of story work

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