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Stewarding our mission, together

The Seattle School is a generative community of students, faculty, staff, and facilitators co-creating and stewarding the mission of our school together. At the highest levels, our Board of Trustees and Executive Council steward mission, strategy, and values.

Executive Council

Our Executive Council is our President’s cabinet and serves as the keeper of institutional strategy, provides administrative leadership, leads institutional goal setting and assessment, and establishes internal policies and practices.

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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are external advisors deeply invested in and committed to the mission of The Seattle School. They help us steward our mission most directly in the selection of, and accountability for our presidential leadership.

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Core Faculty

Our Core Faculty takes academic leadership over the degree and certificate programs at The Seattle School. From Womanist theology and racial reconciliation, to the study of trauma and ego, each Core Faculty member brings deep expertise and practice to their teaching and leadership.

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