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Our mission of text, soul, culture is enlivened by a commitment to discourse, embodied leadership, and creativity. Our collaborations and partnerships embody and extend Kingdom imagination and prophetic leadership for a world in need of complex thinkers and healers.

The Allender Center exists to foster redemption and healing in individuals, couples, and communities by helping them tell their stories with awareness and integrity while training leaders and professionals to engage the stories of others with courage, artistry, and care.

Formed in 2011 by Dr. Dan Allender, Becky Allender, Cathy Loerzel, and Dr. Keith Anderson, The Allender Center at The Seattle School was created to steward and further Dan’s decades of teaching, training, and writing under a unified vision for healing and transformation.

The Allender Center at The Seattle School shapes and embolden leaders through an integration of dynamic instruction, praxis-oriented group work, and rigorous personal narrative work.

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Housed within The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, The Other Journal is a twice-yearly print and digital journal that aims to create space for Christian interdisciplinary reflection, exploration, and expression at the intersection of theology and culture. Attempting to remain a step or two more popular than the typical scholarly journal and a step or two more scholarly than the typical popular magazine, TOJ collaborates with contributors around the globe to provide readers with provocative, challenging and insightful Christian commentary on current social issues, political events, cultural trends, and pop phenomena.

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Inhabit was founded in 2010 through an energetic partnership between The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology and the Parish Collective as both organizations began to entertain a simple hunch: What if God is up to something really big and global but it can only be discovered through the small and local? It was through the exploration of that question that Inhabit was born—an annual gathering intentionally designed to engage, encourage, and empower innovative, missional practitioners as they go about practicing the way of Jesus in place. With a dynamic mix of participatory environments, insights from seasoned leaders, and rich storytelling, the Inhabit conference is a uniquely creative event year after year.

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The Seattle School Residents at St. Luke’s

The Residents program began as a collaborative project between St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, rooted in serving the Ballard neighborhood. Currently, the Residents at St. Luke’s program is under the purview of St Luke’s. Students of The Seattle School live in intentional community on St. Luke’s campus, using their education, skills, and gifts to serve the Ballard neighborhood through supporting existing ministries and designing new initiatives.

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