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A Sacred Mission

The Seattle School is redefining the theological education experience—building capacity to think, empathize, and practice, even in moments of deep pain.

Our students uncover the text of their own narratives to make meaning and find hope even in tragedy. This goes much deeper than practice. It is holistic formation; it’s personhood. We are fostering stronger connections to God, but also shaping better husbands, mothers, siblings, pastors, entrepreneurs, and therapists.

We know that we must tell our tragedies in order to tell our redemption. We’re not afraid of sorrow, because joy can’t exist without it.

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Responding to Culture in Flux

We are activated practitioners, responding to an activated society—continually pushing towards the reign of God in the world. We respond to what is happening in culture and equip students to engage effectively. When the world is complacent, we are a voice of disruption, and when the world is fragmented and upended, we are a steady anchor.

Our alumni have the unique capacity to work with those who have experienced profound trauma—war veterans, abuse survivors, those who have suffered or witnessed atrocities. They carry out the sacred work of restoration in lives and relationships.

Witness Provocateurs of Change

Foster Redemption & Healing

The Allender Center at The Seattle School is committed to boldly engaging the impact of trauma and abuse on the human heart. Dr. Dan Allender, the Teaching Staff, and Facilitator Teams work collaboratively to   foster redemption and healing in individuals, families, and communities by helping them tell their stories with awareness and integrity while also training leaders and professionals to engage the stories of others with courage, artistry, and care.

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Join a Movement of Meaning

This is more than a degree. Our students join a movement—alongside 1,200 alumni who are actively shaping culture in their contexts. This massive transformation is possible thanks to allies, friends, and advocates who cheer them on and roll up their sleeves to help make the work happen.

Our donors are champions of wisdom and hope. They love the gospel and want to extend light into a dark, broken world.

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Giving Opportunities

An investment in The Seattle School goes far beyond the walls of our building and into the communities in which our alumni are living and serving — empowering a generation of therapists, pastors, leaders, and artists to serve God and neighbor. Your generosity fuels our mission. We are deeply grateful.

Annual Fund

Your investment in the Annual Fund offsets more than 30% of our operating budget , allowing us to sustain our mission, keep graduate education as accessible as possible, and deepen our impact in Seattle and across the country.

Allender Center Fund

Your investment in the Allender Center fund stewards the legacy of Dr. Dan Allender and the impact this work has had on thousands of people seeking healing and redemption in their hearts, stories, and relationships.

Scholarship Fund

Your investment in the Scholarship Fund allows us to earmark more than $50,000 for women and men responding to the call to creatively serve as pastors, therapists, leaders, and artists.
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Legacy Group

Your planned gift in the form of a bequest, charitable remainder trust, or insurance policy designation is a thoughtful investment in sustaining the mission of The Seattle School well into the future.

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