The Seattle School is an interdisciplinary seminary and graduate school. We train artists, pastors, therapists, counselors, and entrepreneurs to be leaders, healers, and culture-shapers.

Man reading in library

This is Life Examined

Learning at The Seattle School takes your entire body. Together we uncover the text of our own narratives and use them to make meaning and turn tragedies into hope. As you gain a deeper understanding of God, your practice, and your neighbor, it shapes you—all of you. Holistic formation is the core of what we do.

Staff conversation

Theory, Meet Practice

Scholarship and skill—we go deep on both. Our goal is to build your capacity to think, to empathize, and to practice. You’ll gain deep insights in the classroom as you co-create with faculty and other students, then you’ll hone your craft in hands-on projects and practica. You won’t just read texts, you’ll create them, as your story lays a foundation for your practice.

People talking in front of The Seattle School building

Community in Context

Relationships matter. What we do at The Seattle School is inherently dialogical—it can’t happen outside of community. Ours is just big enough to embrace a range of perspectives and lifestyles, and small enough to form meaningful, lasting connections. Collectively, we follow rhythms—daily, weekly, and yearly—that set a pace for our interaction with one another and with God.

Seattle city skyline

Rooted in Seattle

Our home is a spacious converted fish cannery and luggage factory on Seattle’s historic waterfront. Right in the heart of Belltown, we’re half a mile from major Seattle icons—Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, and the Gehry-designed Museum of Pop Culture. Everything happens under a single roof that feels like a second home.

Surprisingly Accessible

This math is pretty easy: our unusual trimester system means, when it all adds up, we are more affordable than any comparable programs in the state who run on a quarterly calendar. We offset costs with scholarships, financial assistance, family fee waivers, and employment opportunities to make school feasible regardless of your situation.

Students at graduation

Practitioners in the Real World

Seattle School alumni are stewards, instigators, and facilitators who are actively shaping culture in their contexts. They are skilled and empathetic practitioners who have agency in the world and are making meaning in the lives of others. When you leave the School, you join a network of engaged alumni who keep close ties.