The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology will host the 2015 Integrative Project presentations on June 20 and 25, when students from the Master of Divinity and MA in Theology & Culture programs will share the projects that serve as a capstone of their time in graduate school. The Integrative Projects are part of what makes The Seattle School’s curriculum unique—born out of years of study, countless conversations with faculty, and each student’s distinctive embodiment of text, soul, and culture.

This year’s projects engage gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, church leadership, art, mythology—and more. Here’s a sample:

Believe us—we’re barely scratching the surface. We are so proud of the work all our graduates are generating, and we are confident that the ideas they present will play crucial roles in conversations and movements that extend far beyond our walls. If you are curious about the ideas above, you want to know more about the work that occurs at The Seattle School, or you are simply looking to be intrigued and inspired, you won’t regret joining us. This year’s presentations will be given across a two-day span, 3:00-6:00pm on June 20 and 1:00-5:00pm on June 25.