We believe that the future of the church depends on an understanding of theology being alive only as it is lived in relationship. The Seattle School’s Master of Divinity program engages students in a process of holistic integration while also developing pastoral and theological skills. Our goal is to form leaders who embody an intuitive, prophetic, and healing presence in their communities, in their relationships, and in service to God’s mission.

Our Master of Divinity program combines relational practice, experiential learning, personal reflection, and academic rigor in order to explore the tensions of the Christian faith engaging the world in today’s rapidly changing landscape. We believe the Church is a compelling community with a multifaceted imagination for expressing and encountering the Trinitarian God within ourselves, our contexts, and our history. We engage a variety of disciplines as we ask difficult questions about the interplay of Christian scriptures, personhood, and the cultures present in the Church and our broader contexts.

3 years | 82 credits

The Divinity program is intentionally multidenominational and designed to meet many of the ordination requirements for a variety of faith traditions, though we encourage students to be aware of specific denominational requirements. The Master of Divinity program is designed for women and men preparing to serve the Triune God by leading within their parish as pastors, congregational revitalizers, missional pioneers, chaplains, and other forms of leadership for Christ’s church. Upon graduation from the Master of Divinity program, the leader will be able to:

  • Articulate the primacy of God’s story as revealed through Jesus Christ in Scripture and continued by the work of the Spirit globally and locally throughout the church in its history and theology.
  • Evidence a capacity to locate their story and vocation within God’s story and lead Christian communities of faith into holistic formation, paying special respect to the process of human formation within his/her cultural context.
  • Demonstrate an ability to engage culture with credibility, honesty and curiosity in the pursuit of the just transformation of societies formed by imagination for the Reign of God.
  • Lead unto the common good; adaptively demonstrating integrity, imagination, and compassion.
  • Practice faithful presence with God, creation, other and self with the knowledge that mutual transformation emerges from Spirit-formed relating.

Our Divinity program may be completed in a 3 or 4 years. To learn more about our curriculum and program overview pages.  

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