We believe personal vocation is an outpouring of the image of a creative God—and we have created a degree as unique as your calling. The Seattle School’s Theology & Culture program is training leaders, artists, and social entrepreneurs to attune themselves to the narratives of God, culture, themselves, and others in order to become transformative storytellers and imaginative provocateurs of change.

Faith and risk are necessary to pursue the passions that stir us. Beauty and justice emerge in unpredictable ways when we open ourselves to reflection and anticipation of God’s mystery in the world. Our Theology & Culture program facilitates theological and personal formation alongside a constructive critical engagement with culture in order to broaden and enrich the Christian call to serve God and neighbor in today’s varied contexts. Our Theology & Culture program provides a catalyst to integrate the student’s passions, skills, and imagination using theological, cultural, psychological, and biblical paradigms—all in order to engender a creative and compassionate way of being in the midst of globalizing and intersecting cultures.

Theology, Imagination, & the Arts Track

The Theology, Imagination, & the Arts track prepares students for the prophetic role of the artist within the church and the broader culture.

Students explore the intersection of theology, culture, and aesthetics to participate in the multifaceted and creative depth of the Christian imagination as artists made in the image of a creative God. Students also develop relational mindfulness that orients the artist to the varied expressions of beauty in our complex reality. Unlike fine arts programs that train in particular crafts, this rich educational experience prepares artists to think prophetically and theologically in order to create transformational experiences through their work.

Global & Social Partnership Track

The Global & Social Partnership track prepares social entrepreneurs to transform the context of community relationships toward humility, curiosity, and mutuality.

Students are equipped to become advocates for holistic justice and reconciliation rooted in the biblical narrative and an understanding of global issues in a postcolonial context. Students become readers of culture and systems while also developing relational intelligence that allows them to listen well to the communal narratives that have developed these systems. These social entrepreneurs are called to think imaginatively on behalf of God, humanity, and creation, seeking innovative solutions marked by the gospel to provoke interpersonal, local, systemic, and global transformation.

Interdisciplinary Studies Track

The Interdisciplinary Studies track invites innovative thinkers to equip themselves with the tools for developing solutions to complex problems in the world by engaging multiple disciplines.

Students are prepared for unique vocational paths with a framework of theological, psychological, biblical, and cultural awareness. Students develop a deeper understanding of God, themselves, people, and cultures in order to discern how to draw together disciplines as they imagine on behalf of the kingdom of God.

2 years | 48 credits

The Master of Arts in Theology & Culture program equips leaders, artists, and social entrepreneurs to use theological, cultural, psychological and biblical paradigms to inform their vocational calling. Graduates of the Theology & Culture program will be prepared to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to critically explore the complexity of human culture in context, utilizing a Christian theological perspective.
  • Articulate how theology and culture interrelate as they shape our social practices and life in community.
  • Demonstrate the ability to evaluate and implement an informed biblical, theological and psychological perspective as a vital function of Christian community and service to neighbor.
  • Exhibit the ability to continue maturing one’s spiritual and psychological health within the context of community.
  • Engage in a process of vocational discernment in light of God’s call to love God, neighbor, self and world.


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