Integrative Project Symposium

The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology will host the 2018 Integrative Project Symposium on Friday, June 1, when students from the Master of Divinity (MDiv) and MA in Theology & Culture (MATC) programs will share the projects that serve as a capstone of their time in graduate school. With a compelling blend of research methodology and The Seattle School’s unique lens, the Integrative Projects are part of what makes our curriculum unique—born out of years of study, countless conversations with peers and faculty, and each student’s distinctive embodiment of text, soul, and culture.

In this annual symposium, The Seattle School’s alumni, current students, faculty, staff, and the Seattle community at large are invited to witness and celebrate the bold, thoughtful, and creative work of our graduating theology students.

The symposium will take place in the Large Classroom. Refreshments will be provided.

MATC Presenters

Elyse Snelson: “Eucharistic Vulnerability: Communion as Ideology to De-establish Power Systems in Healthcare”

Luke Winslow: “A Tale of Two Meals: Decolonizing Food as Discipleship Strategy”

Ruth Droullard: “Making Peace with Chaos”

Angela Van De Mark: “Does A Moment Really Matter? Matters’ Invitation To The Transcendent Now”

Jessica Rae Dexter: “Turi Kumwe: Living with God in the Aftermath of Trauma”

Heather Dawn Casimere: “The Belovedness of the Black Woman Despite Racial Trauma”

Robert Wallace Tiffin: “Worship and Pornography: the Church’s Erotic Divide”

Kellye Lynn Kuh: “Disrupting the Objectification of the White Single Woman by Deconstructing the ‘Basic Bitch’”

Andi Amelia Nelson: “Human Consumption & Divine Self-Emptying: A Study of Two Economies”

Gabrielle Torres: “Ang Mga Sugatang Kamay na Naghain sa Lamesa (The Scarred Hands that Set the Table) – The Violation of Hospitality: Consequences from Centuries of Colonization in the Philippines”

Joshua Swift: “A Mixed Experience: Reclaiming and Telling Lost and Untold Stories”

MDiv Presenters

Annie Mesaros: “Making a Home in the Dark”

Laura Anne Stembridge: “How to be Messy but Functional as a White Person”

Alexander Peter Mrakovich: “To Be Un/Made: Black Aesthetics as a Mode of Discipleship”

Drew Lawrence Dixon: “The Spirit of the Ages: A Theology and History of Integrated Spiritual Formation”