Responding to COVID-19: Effective March 18 - May 31, our campus will be closed. See our COVID-19 page for details and updates.

Online Learning Support

Thank you to all students for your graciousness and flexibility as we all make a significant shift to online learning for Spring Term. We recognize that this change, and the changes around us in our larger community, are challenging and stressful. We are committed to supporting your learning through the end of the term and through the remainder of the academic year.

We’ve created this page to orient you to available supports and resources. You will find information, FAQs, technical support links, and resources in one central location. We will keep this page updated on a regular basis.

Technical Support for Online Courses

Zoom Support

If your class will be meeting in Zoom, your instructor will post it in MyCampus under the links tab on the course page. You do not need to have your own Zoom account in order to join the class. Click on the link to enter the class.

→ For more information, see Zoom’s Join a Meeting support article

Depending on the settings of the room, you may be able to join by phone.

→ For more information, see Zoom’s Joining a Meeting by Phone support article

Your instructor may also use a Zoom room for office hours. Depending on how they configure their room, you may be placed in a ‘waiting room’. When your instructor is ready for you to enter their personal Zoom room, you will be admitted.

→ For more information, see Zoom’s Waiting Room support article

Find a stable location for your laptop/camera. Do not hold the camera on your lap.


You can test your Zoom connection before your first class.

→ For more information, see Zoom’s Testing Computer or Device Audio Support Article

If you are having trouble, check the following:

Problem Solution
I can’t reach the Zoom room Make sure you have the correct URL.
I can’t enter the Zoom room You may be trying to enter the Zoom room outside of the scheduled time.
I’m still in the Zoom waiting room Your instructor controls who is admitted to their room. If you are still in the waiting room, your instructor may be meeting with someone else, or not presently available.
My audio is muted Your instructor may have set the class to begin with everyone’s audio muted. You can change the mute settings by clicking on the microphone button, most likely in the lower left hand corner of your screen.
My instructor can’t hear me Check and see if you are still muted. If so, click on the microphone icon in the lower left hand corner of your screen.
I can’t hear my instructor Make sure that the sound is turned on on your device. How you do that will depend on the device you are using.
My instructor can’t see me You may not have video turned on. Click on the video camera in the lower left hand corner of your screen, next to the audio microphone button.
Make sure that you do not have your camera blocked. Your camera is probably at the top of your monitor. Some computers have shields so that you can cover the camera when not in use.
The video or audio is choppy This can happen when you don’t have enough internet bandwidth. If this happens to you, try using a wired connection rather than wifi, or move to a location with few users on the wifi.
You can also try turning off the video (click on the video camera in the lower left hand corner next to the microphone icon) and using only audio.
I don’t know how to leave a break-out room If your instructor has placed you in a breakout room, you can exit by clicking on the “Leave Break Out Room” button in the lower right hand side of your screen.
I got dropped from the class. Your connection can drop for a number of reasons. If you get dropped out of the meeting, go back to the URL and re-enter the room.
Nothing has worked! If worst comes to worst, try rebooting your machine and re-entering your class Zoom room. If that doesn’t help, try using a different device, like your mobile phone or a tablet. Or call the Zoom room phone number and participate with just audio.


If you have tried all of the above, you can email or chat or call 802-368-HELP (802-368-4357). Staff will be monitoring this from 8:30am-8:30pm starting Monday, March 16.

Advising and Academic Support

While classes are being held remotely, academic support and advising is still available.

For advising and registration assistance, please email

For accessibility and accommodations please email Daniel Tidwell-Davis at

For remote library services including online research databases, online books, and other writing assistance, please visit the School’s library page. You can also email the library directly at

Student FAQs For COVID-19


The Seattle School is holding remote classes, but I am experiencing; illness or I have to care for a child whose school is cancelled. What do I do?

For Spring Term 2020, illness-related absences, including family care absences from any synchronous online classes related to the coronavirus, will be excused and not penalized. No doctor’s note or other documentation will be required. We have asked faculty to provide opportunities for students to make up work and increase the availability of course materials online for the remainder of the term to all students, which could include recording lectures, posting handouts, and posting slides.

What does Credit/No Credit for my course mean? How will my assignments be graded? Can I have an extension on my paper?

For Spring Term, the instructors will only give grades of Credit or No Credit for all courses.  That means none of the courses will affect your GPA for this term. Instructors will still be receiving your assignments and providing feedback on them to support your learning. For the duration of Spring Term, there will be no penalties for late papers. Faculty will continue to publish due dates for papers and other assignments as usual and expect students to keep up with the course material. Students are encouraged to be highly proactive in planning how they will complete assignments given their own circumstances surrounding health, work, and caregiving responsibilities. Please communicate with your instructors if you need to turn in an assignment late.

I am concerned with going to my internship/field experience site and finishing up my required hours.

Your health is, of course, paramount and you should make appropriate decisions for yourself about your potential exposure.  Please be in contact with your Internship Supervisor if you have concerns about reporting to your site and work with them on accommodations.  Please report any close contact with a lab-confirmed case of COVID-19 at your internship site by emailing

What happens with my financial aid if I cannot complete my courses? Can I drop any of my current courses?

It is important for students to stay enrolled in classes for the duration of Spring Term and participate as defined by the faculty. The open add/drop period for the term will end on May 1. Dropping or withdrawing from courses could mean that students will not meet Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements for both academic standing and financial aid benefits. This may present problems in maintaining eligibility for future financial aid and veterans benefits. More about Satisfactory Academic Progress Policies can be found in the Academic Catalog here.

What library support and access is available during building closure?

There is a wealth of full-text information available in the EBSCO, ProQuest, and Pep Archive databases available on the library’s webpage. If you are unfamiliar with using them, there are links to tutorials available. If the item you want isn’t available in full-text, feel free to request an interlibrary loan; library staff will do their best to try to get it for you. In these times, feel free to ask for more rather than less, since some things may just not be possible to obtain.

A number of publishers and organizations are offering free access to their resources until at least the end of this academic year. As we are made aware of them, the library is adding them to the resources searched when using the search box or the library webpage or by adding direct links in the “Other Databases & Reference Tools” section. This includes links to certain parts of JSTOR, full-text access to Harvard Business Review publications, and others.

Student Support and Community Connections

The Office of Students and Alumni is available to support students during this transition. We have compiled a list of available community and government resources for those experiencing loss of income/jobs due to the Coronavirus outbreak and response. This google document will continue to be updated as additional resources become available.

We invite you to join us for 15 minutes of prayer at nine, noon, and three. Members of the OSA as well as the alumni community will take turns hosting these gatherings. All are welcome to join. Below is a Zoom link for each time slot; these are the same for every day. Hope to see you then!

NINE (9:00am):
NOON (12:00pm):
THREE (3:00pm):

If at any point you would like someone to talk to, you are welcome to contact Becca Shirley at ( or Daniel Tidwell-Davis ( We are available for Facetime, Google hangouts, or Zoom conversations throughout the week and would be glad to set something up with you. Daniel Tidwell-Davis is continuing to support students with their disability accommodations.

If you need to contact an instructor, you can find their contact information in MyCampus or use the Faculty and Staff Directory.