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Integrative Project Symposium Virtual Q&A

In the spirit of our annual Integrative Project Symposium, we invite you to view the presentations online and join us on Friday, June 11, 1:00-2:30pm PT for a Virtual Q&A with the student presenters.

The Integrative Project serves as a capstone for students in our Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Theology & Culture degree programs as they both look back on their training and discern what it will look like for them to serve God and neighbor in their post-graduate contexts. Students work with a faculty advisor to form a project that integrates the student’s passions and calling, drawing from the fullness of their experience at The Seattle School and a robust research methodology to create a major project or paper.

All student presentations were recorded previously and are available to view online here. After you’ve watched the presentations, we invite you to join us in a culminating celebration of these students’ year-long work on June 11. Student presenters will gather with the Integrative Project Faculty Advisors to engage questions arising from their projects. This virtual Q&A will take place in four sections, focusing on the work of 3 presenters at a time, with a faculty host monitoring the zoom chat feed and selecting questions to bring to the group.

The Integrative Project Symposium Virtual Q&A will be hosted by faculty members Dr. Chelle Stearns, Associate Professor of Theology, Dr. Dwight J. Friesen, Associate Professor of Practical Theology, Dr. Ron Ruthruff, Associate Professor of Theology & Culture, and Dr. Doug Shirley, Assistant Professor Of Counseling. The order and grouping of student presenters is listed below. We hope you will make time to view the presentations and then join us at this event in supporting the work of these students.

Group One: Crossing Boundaries, Coming Home

Michael Alfstad, MATC
Millicent Haase, MDiv
Keone Villaplaza, MATC

Group Two: Art, Fragmentation, and Transformation

Ellie Bosworth, MATC
Emma Groppe, MATC
Lisa LaMarche, MATC

Group Three: Embodied Story and Re-Formation

Kathryn Fontana, MDiv
Samuel Koekkoek, MDiv
Rachel Zeller, MACP

Group Four: Imagining for the Beloved Community: Challenging Orthodoxy With Embodied Orthopraxy

Sophie Katrina Fitzpatrick, MDiv
Jana Grosenbach Peterson, MDiv
Mikaela Serafin, MDiv and MACP

View All Integrative Project Presentations