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Chelle Stearns headshot

Chelle Stearns, PhD

Dr. Stearns has a PhD in Systematic Theology from University of St. Andrews in Scotland, an MA in Christian Studies from Regent College, and an undergraduate degree in music from Pacific Lutheran University. Her academic work has focused on the interaction between theology and music, and she loves to talk about the Christian imagination. She is also passionate about trinitarian theology. As one student recently remarked, “You really do dig this trinitarian stuff, huh?”

As a violinist, she brings with her a background in teaching violin and performing in chamber and orchestral settings. She also has a long history of serving in the Church as a musician, teacher, and worship leader. Little known fact: her stage debut was at the age of 3 months, as she was ‘kidnapped’ by her older cousins to play the role of baby Jesus in the church’s Christmas pageant.

Dr. Stearns lives in Ballard with the other Dr. Stearns, whom she affectionately refers to as Dave.

Conference Papers

  • “ ‘I myself consider the totality of a piece as the idea’: Arnold Schoenberg’s Concept of The Musical Idea in Trinitarian Perspective” at The Forum on Music and Christian Scholarship, Baylor University, February 2008
  • “Theology and Musical Space: Arnold Schoenberg, Jeremy Begbie and the Conception of Unity” at The Forum on Music and Christian Scholarship, Yale Institute of Sacred Music, March 2007
  • “ ‘The Relationship to the Text’: Schopenhauer’s influence on Schoenberg’s Musical Metaphysic” at Interdisciplinary Conference, University of St. Andrews, Spring 2003
  • “The Traditional Innovation of Arnold Schoenberg & Karl Barth: The Great Labor of Obtaining Tradition” at Intellectual Frontiers of Music ConferenceUniversity of Aberdeen, June 2002

Other Presentations

  • “Schoenberg & Brahms” (lecture & performance)
  • “The Theology of J.S. Bach: Cantata #199”
  • “Jeremiah the Poet: Speaking into One’s World”
  • “A Bach Fugue and the Trinity: Perichoresis, Homoousious and an Improvised Hymn Tune”