5th Annual Symposia: Flourish

There are many ways to perish, or to flourish. How old pain, for example, can stall us at the threshold of function…. Still friends, consider stone, that is without the fret of gravity, and water that is without anxiety. And the pine trees that never forget their recipe for renewal. And the female wood duck who is looking this way and that way for her children. And the snapping turtle who is looking this way and that way also. This is the world. And consider, always, every day, the determination of the grass to grow despite the unending obstacles.
— Mary Oliver, From Evidence

On October 5, 2019, 1:00-5:30pm, the Alumni Quad at The Seattle School will host our fifth annual Symposia—a symposium-style homecoming event that celebrates the evolving work of our alumni as they embody and extend the intersection of text.soul.culture well beyond the walls of 2501 Elliott Avenue.

This year’s Symposia will feature several alumni presenters and artists, as well as a faculty keynote speaker, gathered together to share their innovative work at the intersection of theology, psychology, and culture as they collectively engage the theme FLOURISH.

The spirit of dialogue and collaboration behind Symposia is rooted in this basic premise: We all have much to offer, and we all have much to learn. We can’t wait to learn from our alumni to discover what they are offering the world through their intelligence, creativity, and compassion.

Each ticket will include a $5 voucher to be used as a direct contribution that will help further the work a presenter of your choice. The Seattle School will match all contributions by 100%. Also included with each ticket is a drink voucher redeemable at the reception to follow Symposia from 5:30-6:30pm.

We look forward to robust dialogue that inspires imagination with our alumni, current students, faculty, staff, and neighbors in the greater Seattle community and virtually at Awaycomings with our non-local alumni as they gather together across the nation. All are welcome. We’re excited for you to join us!

Complete this form by September 23, 2019 to request free childcare onsite throughout the duration of the event.