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Relational Perspectives Series with Dr. Annie Rogers: The Father of the Name

As we celebrate The Seattle School’s 21st birthday this year, we are honored to welcome Dr. Annie Rogers, Professor of Psychoanalysis and Clinical Psychology at Hampshire College, for the annual Relational Perspectives Series. Dr. Rogers is an internationally esteemed psychoanalyst, and she is beloved in the Seattle School community—her work, particularly A Shining Affliction, has been a compelling and pivotal part of the curriculum offered by Dr. Roy Barsness, Professor of Counseling Psychology, for 15 years.

On Friday, November 9, The Seattle School will host Annie Rogers for an evening lecture, “The Father of the Name: A Child’s Analysis Through the Last Teachings of Lacan.” In this public talk, Dr. Rogers will present on a child’s analysis across four years, with the last teachings of Lacan as a guiding framework as she explores the position of the analyst and the invitation to the child to discover a space for the Real in the work of play. Dr. Rogers will consider two pivotal dynamics—the child’s use of the body to configure what cannot be said, and the analyst’s act of making a space for naming the unrepresented—that foreground the child’s singular experience of analysis and make a new path for his life. Conversation with Dr. Rogers will be facilitated by Dr. Roy Barsness.

Annie Rogers will return to The Seattle School for an all-day workshop on Saturday, November 10, 9:00am-3:00pm. Dr. Rogers will revisit her early work described 23 years ago in A Shining Affliction, commenting on the trajectory of that analysis from her present point of view as a Lacanian analyst. She will also open the workshop to student questions and experiences of reading the book, followed by a case presentation and response in the afternoon. Note that the Saturday workshop is not available for the public. Alumni and current students at The Seattle School can learn more and register here.

NW Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study

The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology is proud to partner with the Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study to offer the Relational Perspectives Series. The Alliance is a non-profit interdisciplinary organization dedicated to making psychoanalytic knowledge available and useful to interested professionals and the larger community in the Pacific Northwest. Membership is open to professionals in mental health, health care, and human services, regardless of academic discipline, who seek the deeper human understanding that psychoanalysis can provide. Visit to learn more»


Annie G. Rogers, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychoanalysis and Clinical Psychology at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts and Co-Director of the Psychoanalytic Studies Program. She has been awarded a Fulbright Fellowship in Ireland, a Radcliffe Fellowship at Harvard University, and two Whiting Fellowships at Hampshire College. Dr. Rogers is the author of A Shining Affliction (Penguin Viking, 1995) and The Unsayable: The Hidden Language of Trauma (Random House, 2006), as well as many academic articles, memoir, short fiction, and poetry. As Erikson Scholar at Austin-Riggs (Fall 2014), she investigated language in psychosis, resulting in her most recent book, Incandescent Alphabets: Psychosis and the Enigma of Language (Karnac Books, 2016). She is a teaching analyst of the Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis in San Francisco.

The Relational Perspectives Series was founded by Dr. Roy Barsness with the vision of creating an intimate, accessible environment to engage with relational and analytic theorists and clinicians who are contributing innovative, compelling work to the fields of psychology and psychotherapy.