Next week, on June 29, our whole community will gather at Town Hall Seattle for Commencement 2019. It’s the momentous end of a busy academic year, a chance to celebrate, remember, and connect together before entering the spacious, sunny months of July and August. And for the 59 students who will be walking across that stage, graduation represents the end of years of grueling labor, rigorous personal development, and courageous conversations.

So the question arises: What next? Besides celebrating with loved ones (and maybe taking a nap), how do you mark the end of such a significant chapter and begin transitioning toward whatever’s ahead? We shared that question—What should I do after graduation?—with our alumni community, asking for advice, stories, and resources. Here are some of their answers:




Whether you’re graduating next week or just looking forward to a couple months without classes, we hope the summer ahead is full of rest, connection, and the opportunity to grow more deeply into yourself. And in the meantime, we’d love to see you at Commencement next Saturday—either in person at Town Hall or over on Facebook, where we’ll be streaming the whole ceremony live.