Today on the text.soul.culture podcast, we’re spending a few minutes with the question, “What does it feel like to be heard?” It seems like a simple question, but as we wandered through the building talking to alumni, students, and staff, we were surprised by the range and depth of responses. Maybe the desire to be heard, in a way that goes beyond passive listening or distracted acknowledgment, touches on something core about what it means to be human.

To be heard—deeply, actively heard, in a way that is marked by attunement and empathy—is a longing that is core to our nature as relational beings. “It feels like coming home, or returning to something valuable,” says Heather Barnes, Institutional Support Manager. Like feeling a future stretching out before you.”

Many thanks to all of those who participated by sharing their responses:

Heather Barnes, Institutional Support Manager
Matt Gullett (MA in Counseling Psychology, ‘11), Assistant Librarian
Andrew Accornero, MA in Counseling Psychology student
Laura Stembridge, Master of Divinity student
Graham Murtaugh, MA in Counseling Psychology student
Kartha Heinz, Director of Human Resources
Courtney Lee, MA in Counseling Psychology student