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Kartha Heinz

Kartha Heinz brings a love of developing both people and organizational culture to her role as Vice President of Human Resources. Before coming to The Seattle School, Kartha obtained her bachelor’s degree in Accounting, followed by her CPA. She spent her early career in accounting and operations management for software startup companies, culminating in the role of VP of Finance and Operations. Human resources often fell under the umbrella of finance and operations, and she developed a love of culture work and vocational training, helping employees realize their full potential. After becoming a parent and moving to part-time work briefly, Kartha pursued human resources as a full-time career, first in the tech sector and now in her current role at The Seattle School.

Kartha has served The Seattle School community in a variety of ways since coming onboard as the Human Resources Director in 2011. She’s passionate about partnering with business leaders to solve for the current needs of their realm, helping employees identify their gifts and vocational direction and working with management to identify and live into a thriving culture— “Our Way of Life.”

When she isn’t developing people and positions at the school, Kartha can be found in Maple Valley where she lives with her husband of 30 years and two daughters, though her eldest recently flew the nest to attend college in Tennessee. She teaches Sunday school and enjoys volunteering at her daughter’s high school, running the PTA espresso stand and teaching classes on job searching and resume building.

“We train people at an intersection of faith and science that serves our neighbor, invests in human wellness and is wrapped in compassion. I’m blessed every day to be able to work alongside such amazing humans that aspire to make the world a more loving and kind place to live.”