The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology is delighted to announce the dedication of the school library to honor the generosity and commitment of Mike and Myra McCoy. As we mark our 25th year, we are celebrating the resilience of our mission and we are also expressing our gratitude for many exceptional people who have partnered and served with us in the shaping and stewarding of this mission. The library will be dedicated as the Mike & Myra McCoy Library and celebrated with a small reception for staff, faculty, and the Board of Trustees on April 20, 2023, the day before our 25 Year Anniversary Benefit Dinner

The Mike & Myra McCoy Library at The Seattle School started in a closet at the Bothell office park where the school first held classes twenty-five years ago. It has now expanded to include more than 200,000 print and electronic items, certainly well beyond what our founders could have imagined in 1997. Since the creation of our low-residency programs, the library and its staff now serve students living across the United States and also internationally. This strategic expansion has been supported by our staff, faculty, and Board of Trustees, through grant funding, and through our donors including the McCoy family. The Mike & Myra McCoy Library can be seen as a representation of our growth and our story as an institution as well as a place to begin envisioning our future. 

In this 25 year celebration, as we are looking back at our story and growth, we also want to express our deep gratitude not only for Mike and Myra McCoy’s gracious generosity but also for their faithful labor together with us in this journey from the early years of establishing this institution into the present day. Mike has gifted us with his service as a Trustee, and also as chair of our Board of Trustees, and, years later, he remains one of the longest serving Board members in our history. Mike’s invaluable guidance, encouragement, and insights during the beginnings of this institution, including the presidencies of Dr. Dan Allender and Dr. Keith Anderson, left a legacy that has continued to shape our school through seasons of challenges and growth. 

President and Provost J. Derek McNeil, PhD, recognizes the vision and contributions of Mike and Myra McCoy: “No organization can survive or thrive without people who come alongside, see the giftedness that they might offer to the world, and invest in their development. They are special people because they see a possibility before it becomes a reality. We would not be here without the McCoys and their investment in our dream of faith, hope, and love. Mike and Myra have offered us a solid spiritual and financial foundation for our growth and flourishing.”