On October 8, we’re hosting the second annual Symposia: An Intersection of Conversation & Innovation, a forum in which alumni of The Seattle School present the ongoing work they are pursuing at the intersection of text, soul, and culture. Integrative education does not end at graduation, and our alumni are proof of that. Symposia highlights the ways that Seattle School alumni are continuing to wrestle with big questions and big dreams in theology, psychology, and culture.

This week, we’re featuring a presentation by Ronna Detrick (Master of Divinity, ‘04) from Symposia 2015, “The Sacred Muse Speaks! Divine Inspiration and Profound Strength from the Ancient Stories of Women.” Ronna works as a spiritual director (or, more accurately, a “spiritual evocateur”) who turns to the ancient stories of women in the Bible—particularly women who are often minimized and marginalized in traditional interpretations—to inspire and reframe her own story and the stories of the women with whom she works.

“This is what I do, over and over and over again: I strive to honor these women, to free them from the restraints and the dogma and the old, old tellings. But not just for the sake of the stories themselves. I do it with this clear, admitted motive and belief: I am completely certain that when the women in Scripture are understood, unhidden, unsilenced, and unshamed, women today will be as well.”

Ronna recalls her time at The Seattle School, when she entered counseling for the first time and began confronting formerly hidden truths about her family of origin and her marriage. Her initial reaction was to swallow her emotion and “stay in line,” but then she encountered the story of an ancient woman who became her muse and invited her to stand up and speak her truth. Somehow, says Ronna, internalizing this woman’s story began to change her own story.

“These stories matter, these women matter, their voices matter. And when they’re heard, you and I both come to realize that our stories matter, that we matter, and yes, that our voices—reimagined and redeemed—matter. So rise up, speak up, and go change everything. You are not alone. You are surrounded by an entire tribe of sacred muses—women who know you, see you, support you, and love you.”

We can’t wait to witness the bold, thoughtful, creative work of our alumni at Symposia 2016, and we would love for you to join us. Learn more and register here.