As the news of Houston has come to us, our hearts have been heavy with sorrow, concern and hope for mercy.  We pray you are all safe but know many of you have suffered and will continue to suffer devastating loss as the rains continue to drown your community. Your faces have been seared in our minds and prayers as we beg for God’s mercy and protection.  

We are also aware that many of you have trained with us, which means you will be in the middle of not only understanding your own trauma from this storm but also the collective trauma your community has now suffered. As we all know, trauma is real and impacts our minds, bodies and spirits in unpredictable ways. We know you are all so capable to carrying the trauma of others as you seek to care for yourselves, your families and your community. We will pray that you will have the strength to admit when you need support and care. We trust it is not patronizing to say: be aware when you are operating in shock and pushing yourself far beyond what your body is meant to bear even if the calamity is worlds beyond what you have previously suffered.

We are desiring to stand with you as friends and colleagues. We are wanting to serve you in a way that is tangible and sustainable because your trauma is not going to dry up when the waters finally dissipate. We are in conversation about how we can coordinate our resources. We plan on inviting our team of leaders to make their time available and then coordinate with Chris Seay, pastor of Ecclesia, to figure out how to link our resources for your benefit during this challenging and traumatic season.

May Jesus bring rescue and blessing to you, dear friends.

With hope,

Dan Allender and Cathy Loerzel
On behalf of The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology and The Allender Center