The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology has released the 2015-2016 Annual Report, a snapshot of the past year and a visual story of our mission brought to life in a compelling and interactive format. The 2015-2016 year was marked by growth, innovation, and change rooted in the continual return to the mission of training people to be competent in the study of text, soul, and culture in order to serve God and neighbor through transforming relationships.

Each year, The Seattle School publishes the Annual Report as an opportunity for alumni, donors, current students, faculty, staff, and the community at large to catch a glimpse of the institutional movement and growth that has occurred throughout the previous year. This year’s report includes updates about new core faculty, curriculum revisions, growth of the alumni chapters and hubs, faculty publications and honors, stories about the artists and lecturers who visited The Seattle School, and the continued flourishing of our events, programs, and offerings. All of this is presented in a visually dynamic and compelling format, with interactive links for deeper reading and engagement.

“What we are inviting you to experience here is our story of momentum, growth, and progress. Like any organization, there are setbacks and disappointments, but this is a year filled with markings of further embodiment of our mission and thoughtful movement toward our strategic goals,” says Dr. Keith Anderson, President of The Seattle School. “As you explore our 2015-16 Annual Report, I invite you to read it as a narrative rather than a report, a testimony of stewardship rather than a corporate statement, and a song of gratitude and praise rather than a statistical review.”

The Annual Report is one of the ways we say thank you to everyone who joins us in our mission and participates in the journey of transformative education. There is beauty and goodness in what we are accomplishing together—take a look.