We don’t know about you, but sometimes we’re overwhelmed by the over-abundance of podcasts being produced these days. A whole lot of them are amazing, but it can be daunting knowing where to start when you’re looking for a new one. So we asked around, and here’s just a few of the podcasts that folks in our community are enjoying, and recommendations about where to dive in for each one.

Imaginary Worlds

This show “explores the culture, creation, meaning, and legacy of sci fi and fantasy genres,” says Dr. Kj Swanson, Adjunct Faculty. “But it’s not just an inside conversation for fans. With journalistic skill and This American Life-style storytelling, this podcast takes you into particular histories of writers, fans, and artists, exploring everything from the psychological interpretation of Dr Who’s character regenerations to Princess Leia’s gold bikini as a contested site of feminist praise and criticism. Each episode opens a door to someplace you’ll want to keep learning more about.”

Where to start:

It’s hard to narrow it down, but here are a few favorites from Kj: “Why They Fight,” “Imagining Wonder Woman,” and “Workin’ on the Death Star.”

Code Switch

This one from NPR is often the topic of conversation in our building. Timely, challenging, informative, and vibrantly human—if we were allowed to mandate required listening, this might be our first choice.

Where to start:

The recent episode about immigration reflects much of what Code Switch does well—crucial commentary embodied in human stories and driven by a central question: “What Does It Mean To Be a ‘Nation of Immigrants’?”

Good Christian Fun

This comedy show dives into the strange world of Christian pop culture, and is enjoyed by believers and skeptics alike. “Every episode is hilarious/triggering and is essentially a couple hours of Christian puns,” says Kent Stephenson, MA in Counseling Psychology student.

Where to start:

Episode 0 and Episode 17 are both good ways to hear more about the folks behind the show.


This one was recommended by a few different people and is produced by Matthias Roberts, MA in Theology & Culture grad and current MACP student. Every week Matthias brings together theologians, psychologists, poets, thinkers, and changemakers to wonder about how to live as LGBTQ people of faith and allies.

Where to start:

There’s no going wrong here, but we’d recommend jumping all the way back to Episode 1 with Jennifer Knapp or starting with the more recent conversation with Rachel Held Evans in Episode 44.


This is a perennial favorite, one most of you are probably familiar with already. But they make the list because they are consistently surprising, engaging us in new, thought-provoking ways almost every episode.

Where to start:

Graham Murtaugh, third-year MACP student, says that the “series on immigration and the southwestern border, in particular Part 2: Hold the Line, really changed how I think about our immigration policy.”

The Tim Ferriss Show

Matt Gullet, Assistant Librarian, says that Tim Ferriss “is one of my favorite people, authors, and podcasters. Although Tim has his own issues and biases, he is good at filtering content and complex sets of information.”

Where to start:

Dr. Gabor Maté, author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts and a leading advocate for new ways of treating addiction, came on the show in February for an in-depth conversation about his work and about what happens when we leave compassion out of treatment.

The Seattle School

And of course, if you’re looking for podcasts that complement and augment the work we do in this community, check out our very own text.soul.culture, hosted by Dr. Derek McNeil and Shauna Gauthier, and The Allender Center Podcast with Dr. Dan Allender, which recently passed 1 million total listens.

Where to start:

Last month, Dr. Dan Allender and Rachael Clinton completed a vulnerable and insightful series about spiritual abuse that struck a chord with many listeners. And on text.soul.culture, check out Shauna Gauthier’s “From the Field” episode with Smruti Desai (MACP, ‘09).