Yesterday’s guilty verdict for Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd comes as we are grieving the recent loss of life from several mass shootings and killings across our country. Even with the accountability issued in this moment, there is no mistaking that we are in a season of deep collective trauma with near constant reports of racialized violence, hate crimes, and abuses of power.

Moments like these bring varied thoughts and emotions for many in our community as we continue to find ways to labor toward justice and peace and the rebuilding of trust. Our collective healing is tied to being aware of systemic injustices, and then doing the hard work of listening, managing the threats felt within our bodies, and transforming the fears that continue to separate us from our neighbors.

May we be people of faith who know and do justice, love to extend mercy, and walk humbly with our God. Let us continue to pray for George Floyd’s family, for each other, for our nation, and for the family of Derek Chauvin. May our prayers be not only words, but grow hands and feet to serve in difficult times and in challenging places. May our cries for justice and reconciliation extend beyond social media and into action within our relationships and within the fabric of our communities.