Throughout the year, Sacred Space (a realm of Student Leadership) invites The Seattle School community to observe the rhythms of the church calendar, as well as the particular rhythms of this building. As we mark the end of the academic year this week, we are also moving through the “ordinary time” that marks the season between Pentecost and Advent. Here, we’re sharing a special offering from Sacred Space, Hallow the Mundane: A Little Book for Ordinary Time 2016, which invites us to look for the small glimpses of beauty and wonder that often accompany the quiet moments of our lives.

Dear Beloveds of The Seattle School Community,

This booklet is for you, for Ordinary Time, for your ordinary days ahead. You are about to scatter in every direction for the summertime, and beyond our conclusions and departures, you will feel freshly distanced from the gift of each other’s faces, the comfort of each other’s voices, the rhythm of bells. This is the strange season when radiance crescendos and wanes, becomes mundane in the hum of heat and wings.

This summer, whatever land you press your feet to, we hope you are astonished. We hope for small glories to meet you there: the warmth of your palm on another palm; embers snapped loose like meteors into the dark; the crunch of seeds when you bite into a strawberry. Grand, but simple. Infinite, but brief. Bitter, but sweet.

Until we meet again, especially if tedium or trouble wearies you before then, we offer you this booklet. May these words and images remind you that we are thinking of you with kindness, we are praying for you, and we affirm “you belong, you belong, you belong.”

Sacred Space

Read Hallow the Mundane: A Little Book for Ordinary Time 2016 here.