The Seattle School Community,

Yesterday, near Otto Miller Hall at Seattle Pacific University, a senseless act of violence killed a young man, injured several others, and changed the lives of so many men, women, and children forever. I know several of you were there caring for students, enduring the trauma of the lock-down, and providing grief response care. Others of us were there terrified, only not in person, as we waited word from loved ones. The impact of this tragic event is very close to us all.

I have been in contact with SPU Provost Jeff Van Duzer and President Dan Martin extending offers of help and support from The Seattle School Community. Our Alumni Association is currently gathering local alumni of The Seattle School who are willing to offer a few hours of grief and trauma counseling to SPU students, staff, and faculty. Given the proximity of yesterday’s events to individuals in our community, I am aware some of us may be in need of this type of support as well. If you or anyone you know is in need of grief and trauma counseling please let us know by contacting Paul Steinke (Dean of Students & Alumni / Field Abbot), Kartha Heinz (Director of Human Resources), myself, or any of our remarkable administrative staff and instructional team.

Along with you and so many others, I am heartbroken and I follow a God who pursues each of us by name. As we join our voices with those in Seattle and around the nation in prayers of lament and anguish for the students, staff, faculty, and alumni of Seattle Pacific University, may we also join them in the hope they express in Jesus.

Dr. Keith R. Anderson