This exciting year marks our 25-year anniversary: a time of celebration, a time of remembering, and a time of hope. The story of The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology began around a kitchen table, where a few passionate dreamers dared to imagine a new kind of theological, psychological, and cultural training. Our calling is, and has always been, to a world experiencing fragmentation and rapid change. In 2023, we believe we are called to prepare people to lead and care for their communities for such a time as this, a time of re-creation and rebuilding, a time of engaging the brokenness of human hearts – with hope – for the healing and transformation of our churches, our communities, and our world.

We want to use this milestone to celebrate what has been and to imagine what is to come in the next 25 years. We want to pause to mark the places we have been, and we also want to also imagine the places we have yet to go. We want to consider how we can live more effectively into our calling. In the middle of a journey, we are celebrating God’s faithfulness and the resilience of our mission with the theme of Looking Toward Jubilee.

Biblically, the practice of jubilee, discussed in Leviticus 25, occurs after 7 cycles of sabbatical years, which means this time of reflection and restoration happens every fifty years. Jubilee pairs a sense of celebration with a sense of calling along with an understanding that we have a responsibility to use the blessings given by God for the good of our community and the flourishing of our world. It was a time of reweaving community, a time to remind the people that everything belonged to God, and that they belonged to each other.

Looking Toward Jubilee, we want to celebrate, to play, to mark our accomplishments, and to invest in our future. We invite you to join the conversation: keep up with events on our page and share your memories and stories of The Seattle School with our community.

Throughout the year, there will be events focusing on these four things, and we will conclude at the end of the academic year with graduation and the celebration of our alumni. Join us on this adventure of serving God as we look towards Jubilee, towards the next twenty-five years, with joy, conviction, and hope.