On October 6, The Seattle School community hosted the book launch for Holy Runaways written by Matthias Roberts MATC ‘17 MACP ‘18. Like many of us, Matthias grew up with books about orphans, and at the event,  he described how this theme inspired him to explore his own journey. Runaways and orphans must leave their spiritual homes and forge a new life. The challenge, Matthias pointed out, is to not merely swap your beliefs about what is good and what is bad, but to be a co-creator of a new system, based on love.  

“We are talking about rewiring our nervous system, and to move into healing and integration means rewiring what our nervous systems regulate to, which may not feel safe. It’s about moving slowly, listening to the body, and trusting.”

Matthias spoke about re-framing authenticity and self-discovery not as a rejection or a rebellion, but to orient from what is true for us and invite others to do the same for themselves: “We are not confused. We are holy.”

Later Matthias shared more in a brief interview about his time at The Seattle School, as a graduate of both the Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and the Master of Arts in Theology & Culture

What led you to The Seattle School and to the degrees you pursued?

I was deeply intrigued by the combination of creativity and theology in the Theology and Culture program. As someone who did an art degree in undergrad, that combination got me in the door. Then, being introduced to the world of relational therapy while at the school changed my life, and gave me a tangible career path.

How has your time at The Seattle School led to where you are now? How has it impacted your life and vocational journeys?

The Seattle School has shaped so much of who I am and subsequently where I am now. I feel like while I was at the school I got to combine so many of the fields I was passionate about and got to “try on” so to speak the kind of writing I am now doing. I also wouldn’t be a therapist without my time at the school, and I love being a therapist!

What are your hopes for Holy Runaways?

My biggest hope for the book is that it will feel like a companion. I hope folks will pick it up and feel like they are in a warm conversation with a friend.

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