In January 2024, The Seattle School held the second annual Day of Scholarship on campus during Winter Residency. This year’s theme of “What If There’s More?” aimed to connect Seattle School community members to wider disciplinary and interdisciplinary conversations across our institution. Current students, alumni, staff, and faculty presented Research Posters and facilitated Breakout Sessions, discussing aspects of their research, work, and publications. The Day of Scholarship fostered a spirit of collaboration as presenters engaged community members in exploring key questions. The tables below represent the work shared at Day of Scholarship 2024 through Research Posters and Breakout Sessions. In its second year, this event once again brought together participants and presenters from across The Seattle School community, including the Allender Center, The Other Journal, and Christ & Cascadia as well as staff, faculty, alumni, and current students.

Day of Scholarship 2024 Breakout Session Presenters

Session Presenter(s) Affiliation Session Title Notes
Maggie Hemphill, MACP candidate,

Addie Murney, MA

Allender Center Facilitator, Student (Hemphill) “Engaging Whiteness with StoryWork: Applying Narrative Focused Trauma Care to White Cultural Identity Development” Maggie Hemphill’s website.

Addie Murney’s website

Paul Hoard, PhD, LMHC,
Paul Steinke, MACS ’05, MACP ’23, LMHCA
Faculty (Hoard), Alumni, Staff (Steinke) “The Thin Space of Play” Writings by the authors include: Board Games as Liturgy (Hoard, Steinke), Lacanian Virtue Ethics Cultivating Virtue through Failure (Hoard, Suttle), Paul Hoard’s Substack

Check out upcoming issues of Christ & Cascadia (April) and The Other Journal (spring 2024) for additional writings.

Angela Parker, PhD Faculty (also Grenz Lecturer) “Continuing the Conversation with Dr. Parker” Grenz Lecture 2024
Ann Plana, MACP Candidate,

Lisa Watkins, MACP Candidate

Student “Educational Application of Fowler’s Faith Development Theory (Theory to Practice)” MACP Candidates (Plana, Watkins), Concentration in Psychoanalytic Psychology: British Object Relations (Plana)
Scott Ross, MACP ’11, LMHC
Erin Wright, MACP ’11 LMHC
Alumni “What Lies Beyond: A Journey into Psychedelic Therapies with Ketamine and MDMA” Telos Collective and Salish Sea Counseling (Ross)

Erin Wright Counseling, Coaching and Consulting (Wright)

Relevant Research Article

Lauren St. Martin, MAT

Zac Settle, PhD

Staff Christ & Cascadia and The Other Journal on the Publishing Process” Presentation Slides
Managing Editor, Christ & Cascadia (St. Martin) Christ & Cascadia website
Settle–Editor-in-Chief, The Other Journal (Settle) Submissions page for The Other Journal
Doug Shirley, MDiv ’06, EdD
Eric Strom, JD, PhD
Shaquille Sinclair, MACP ’23
Marlene Chamonica Hernandez, BS, MACP Candidate
Faculty (Shirley) Alumni (Shirley, Sinclair), Student (Hernandez) “Are We OK? Potential Impacts of Telehealth Structural Changes on Clinician Wellness” Presented at AMHCA Conference 2023
Luke Winslow, MATC ’18 Alumni “Where Ancestors Still Walk: Practical Theologies for Decolonial Solidarity and Bioregional Discipleship in Seattle and Beyond” Slides
Lauren D. Sawyer MATC ’14, PhD,

Danielle Zurinsky, MSc, PhD

Allender Center, Alumni (Sawyer) “NFTC Methodology Project: A Case Study for Collaborative, Interdisciplinary Research” Curriculum Coordinator for the Allender Center(Sawyer)

Manager of Research & Facilitator Development(Zurinsky)

Day of Scholarship 2024 Poster Presenters

Poster Presenter(s) Affiliation Poster Title Notes
Tessa Behr, BA in Visual Design, MACP Candidate Student “Beyond Black & White Binary Thinking: Color as a Map for New Possibilities “ Founder and Brand Director for Anatomy Branding Co
Belinda J. Bauman, M Ed. Student “When My Soul Sings: How New Americans Construct Meaning from Their Migration Experiences”
Phillip Hanson, MACP Candidate Student “A Psychology with Willie James Jennings” Related Essay
Maggie Hemphill, MACP Candidate,
Ann Plana, MACP Candidate,
Kate Roberts, MACP Candidate,
Student “Experiences in Infant Observation” MACP Candidates – Concentration in Psychoanalytic Psychology: British Object Relations (Hemphill, Plana, Roberts)
Kristen Houston, MA

Kelsey Wallace, MDiv, PhD

Staff, Former Staff Evolving Trends in Accessing Graduate School Education Former Registrar (Houston) and Registrar (Wallace), The Seattle School
Victoria Hudson, MA MACP ’22, LMHC (WA), LPC (SC), Certified Sex Therapist Alumni “The Intersections of Attachment Style & Sexual Behaviors, a Non-Stigmatizing Perspective on Compatibility and Sexual Engagement” Resource: Sex therapy education
Danielle Zurinsky, MSc, PhD Allender Center Staff “Assessing Learning & Skills from the Narrative Focused Trauma Care Training Program” Manager of Research & Facilitator Development, Allender Center