Applying to graduate school is no small endeavor. Oftentimes, merely the decision to begin an application is one that has been thought out for quite some time.

Our application process, from the moment you express interest in a program to submitting your completed application, is thoughtfully designed to engage you as a whole person. We want to walk alongside you as you prepare to make this next step in your education journey.

So, to give you some insight into our unique process, here are some of the things we think every student applying to one of our graduate or training programs should know.

Relationships are Key

You can think of our admissions team as your advocates or navigators as you begin the application process. Each member of our team has a genuine desire to get to know you as a fellow human, beyond the accolades and statements of success on your resumé or CV.

From the first moment of your first call or email with one of our team members, be true to yourself. We want to hear what you are truly passionate about, what stirs your heart. During a phone call, you may find yourself discussing your passion for art or music, social justice, or community engagement, along with why you are interested in counseling psychology or a Master of Divinity.

Engage the World Around You

Along with a personal statement essay, you’ll notice a prompt asking you to engage with a cultural artifact. Oftentimes the word ‘artifact’ conjures images of an ancient civilization or archeological site. At The Seattle School, we look at artifacts a bit differently. Instead of taking a step into the past, we want you to engage the world as it is. Our artifacts are more modern pieces, often a movie or media experience, that tell a story of a cultural moment. As you engage the artifact of your choosing, some questions we recommend asking yourself are:

What am I feeling in my body?

What assumptions do I carry about this artifact?

Why did I choose to engage this particular piece?

Our essay prompts are also purposed to give you a window into what an assignment might look like in one of your courses at The Seattle School. This way, you will have a better understanding of what to expect when you step into the classroom for the first time.

Have Good Conversations

One of the more unique aspects of our graduate admissions process is our group interviews. This may be unlike any other higher education interview you’ve experienced. Our desire is that you catch a glimpse of how you may engage as a student within the walls of our building. This means that after arriving for the interview, you’ll find yourself placed in a small group with other prospective students, often with differing backgrounds and perspectives. Each group interview is facilitated by one of our community members as they guide your group through a conversation.

Our application processes are thoughtful, relational, and accessible. We look forward to getting to know more of your story and vocational direction while also offering you a robust experience of our mission and community. Click here to begin your application, or if you have any lingering questions, please email us at