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Everything you need to know about applying for Graduate Admission at The Seattle School

Start Your Application for Graduate Admission

We look forward to receiving your application—don’t hesitate to reach out with questions by email ( or phone (206.876.6100). 

In order to participate in our next group interview, please submit all of the required application materials by October 26, 2022.

As part of our commitment to support students with disabilities, if you need accommodations to complete your application, contact our Manager of Accessibility & Vocational Programs at

Graduate Admission Requirements

We are an interdisciplinary school and welcome applicants from any field of study. We do not have prerequisite degree or coursework requirements. Applicants must have earned a four-year baccalaureate degree or its full equivalent from a college or university accredited by a U.S. accreditation association holding membership in the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), in the Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada, or from an institution which maintains similar academic requirements and standards. General admission requirements include a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale).

Applying with a GPA below 3.0

Update due to COVID: Because there is currently limited availability of testing centers for the MAT and GRE, The Seattle School will waive this requirement for applications submitted for the 2022-2023 academic year. In lieu of this requirement, your admissions counselor may speak to you about options to submit additional materials that exemplify your readiness to succeed academically at a graduate level.

If your cumulative grade point average is below the 3.0 general admission requirement, you may apply for Provisional Admission by completing the application process for Graduate Admission and a graduate entrance exam. We understand that a test score cannot evaluate an individual’s character, emotional awareness, or depth of spirit, but consider them, alongside your other application materials, as a tool for assessing readiness for graduate level study.

The Miller Analogies Test (MAT) measures the test taker’s verbal comprehension, analytical thinking, and the ability to connect ideas through a series of analogies. The median score for the MAT is 400, with a standard deviation of 25. We are looking for MAT scores falling between 375 and 425. Scores must be less than 2 years old. You must request that The Psychological Corporation send your original test scores to The Seattle School at The Seattle School’s reporting code for the MAT is 2499. For a testing center in your area, visit MAT online or call 1-800-622-3231.

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills. The GRE verbal and quantitative sections are each scored on a range from 130 to 170, for a maximum total of 340. The essays are scored on a scale of 0–6. We are looking for verbal and quantitative scores ranging from 150-160 and essays scoring 4 or higher. Scores must be less than 2 years old. You must request that The Educational Testing Service send your original test scores to The Seattle School at The Seattle School’s reporting code for the GRE is 4895. For a testing center in your area, visit GRE online or call 1-800-GRE-CALL.

If you are granted provisional acceptance, you will be admitted under academic probation which requires a minimum of a 3.0 GPA after the completion of the first trimester of study at The Seattle School.

Note: Entrance exams are only required for applicants with a GPA below 3.0 and for those who have not earned an undergraduate degree.

Applying Based on Life Experience

We highly value the whole of the life experience of each of our applicants. Each year, we are able to admit a limited number of students to our graduate programs who have not completed a traditional undergraduate degree, but whose life experience merits the ability to apply. Admission based on life experience is intended for those who have been prevented from accessing higher education due to extenuating circumstances or systemic barriers.

Our life experience criteria for applying include:

  • Being over 30 years of age
  • Having at least 10 years of work experience
  • Having at least 3 years of work and/or volunteer experience that is relevant to their desired graduate degree

If you meet these criteria, please submit a curriculum vitae in support. A curriculum vitae (CV) is similar to a résumé, but with more detail about your background and skills. If you need help getting started, you can download a CV template here. Please save it in .pdf format with the title “Your Name – CV.” Submit by email to with the subject line “Life Experience: CV Submission.”

After you have submitted your CV, our Director of Enrollment will review and determine whether you meet our life experience criteria. At that time, one of our admissions counselors will be in contact with you to answer any questions you may have.

If you are approved to continue with the Life Experience application, we will send you an email with the next steps in your application process. This will include submitting a Life Experience Portfolio, which is composed of your CV, transcripts for any postsecondary courses that you have completed, and an academic writing sample.

Applying from Non-Accredited Institutions

If you have a degree from a non-accredited institution, you may be granted provisional acceptance with full admission based on satisfactory work in residence. A copy of the institution’s catalog, providing context about the program of instruction, faculty credentials, and learning resources must be submitted at the time of the application. Additional information and/or prerequisite coursework or may be required at the discretion of the Admissions Review Committee to establish degree equivalency.

Transferring Credits

The Seattle School accepts up to 15 semester hour transfer credits from other graduate-level programs.

  • Transfer credits must have been completed at an accredited, graduate-level institution.
  • Official transcript must indicate a grade of B (3.0 or higher) for coursework to count for graduate level transfer credit.
  • Course work must be completed within five years of the application for the credits to transfer.
  • Course content must be an 80% match for the parallel course at The Seattle School.
  • Any previously earned graduate-level coursework must be submitted to the Registrar within your first two trimesters of study at The Seattle School to be considered for transfer credit.

To begin the process of transferring credits, submit your official transcript(s) for any relevant graduate-level coursework to the Admissions Team for initial assessment. The Registrar makes final decisions regarding transfer credit, with input from appropriate faculty as needed. There are some exceptions to the requirements outlined above.


Seattle School students who are in a withdrawn status or have been on a leave of absence for more than three semesters; accepted applicants whose yearlong deferment has expired; or applicants who withdrew their application post-acceptance less than 2 years ago are all eligible to reapply for admission. Please reach out to to determine the process for your reapplication.

Graduate Admissions Application Process

Step 1: Complete the online application

The first step in the application process is completing the online application form. This gives us more context about who you are and what you are hoping to achieve at The Seattle School. We’ll also connect you with our Office of Enrollment, who will work closely with you as you move through the process.

The application form requires 20-30 minutes and must be completed in one sitting. You’ll be asked to submit names and email addresses for at least 2 references. We will reach out to them with a reference form for them to complete on your behalf. We encourage you to select individuals who can speak to your maturity, integrity, emotional and social awareness, capacity for self-reflection, theological engagement, and intellectual curiosity. A $50 application fee is required to submit your application.

Start Your Application for Graduate Admission

Step 2: Gather supporting documents

The next application step is to submit two types of supporting documents for your application: past transcripts and a curriculum vitae (CV). These help us get a clearer picture of your background and experience.

Transcripts: Submit requests for official transcript from any post-secondary institutions where you received a degree or completed coursework.
The Seattle School accepts both electronic and paper submissions. For electronic submission, please request the institution to send to For paper transcripts, request them to be sent to:

Attn: Admissions
The Seattle School
2501 Elliott Ave
Seattle, WA, 98121

Curriculum Vitae: A CV is similar to a résumé, but with more detail about your background and skills. If you need some help getting started, you can download a CV template here. Please save the final version in a .pdf format with the title “CV – Last Name, First Name” and submit by email to

Step 3: Write two essays

We require two narrative essays—a Statement of Purpose and a Cultural Artifact Engagement essay. The purpose of the essay requirement is to create an opportunity for us to see you, learn more about your calling, and experience your understanding and resonance with the mission and ethos of The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology.

Essay One: Statement of Purpose
In 500-750 words, respond to the following prompt: How does the intersection of who you are and the work you feel called to do compel you to train in your specific program of interest at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology.

Essay Two: Synthesis
Interdisciplinary learning develops multiple lenses, allowing you as the practitioner to adopt varying perspectives through which to see and engage the world. Below is a selection of narratives that are told from a number of differing perspectives. Engage two of the options below and choose a person or character from each. In 700-1,000 words, answer the following prompt: how do the depicted experiences inform and/or resonate with your understanding of how difference* impacts our perception of others and our engagement with the world?

In order to explore this question, you might consider:

*Difference as defined as categories of identity and culture, including, but not limited to: race and ethnicity; gender; sexuality; national origin; religion; socioeconomic status; ability; size.

Choose two of the following*:

*We recommend browsing the full list of available content before selecting your two sources. We have chosen a variety of movies, podcasts, and lectures. Please note that some of the content above is rated MA or R and we suggest using your discretion in choosing which sources you are comfortable engaging.

Essay Formatting

Admissions essays are used for assessment and placement. Students may be admitted on academic probation and/or required to attend a The Seattle School Writing Workshop if application essays are deemed unsatisfactory.

Step 4: Participate in a group interview

We place a high value on gaining a holistic experience of our applicants and are intentional about creating an opportunity for each applicant to be seen and known. Our interviews are conducted in small groups (5-7 applicants each) and focus on dialogue and group dynamics. This is not a competitive job interview; the intent is to create a context to experience you, how you interact, and what you bring to a group and a conversation.

Each interview group is facilitated by a faculty or instructional staff member. The interview process enables us to gain greater insight into who you are and what you bring. It also provides you with a taste for the relational learning culture at The Seattle School. Following the group interview, applicants gather in a large group to debrief and share their experiences with one another.

Upcoming Group Interview Dates
Monday, November 7, 2022 (On-Campus)*
Monday, November 14 (Online)

*This date corresponds with our On-Campus Preview event.

Schedule (times listed in PT)

9:00am – Administrative and Instructional Staff introductions
9:10am – Small Group Interview
10:00am — Large Group Debrief
10:30am — Additional Time for Admissions Q&A

Your application and supporting documents must be complete to participate in a group interview. Approval for an individual interview on an alternate date may be made at the discretion of the Director of Enrollment in extenuating circumstances.

Admissions Review Policy
Candidates are selected based on their aptitude for rigorous academic work, vocational direction, life experience, emotional and relational intelligence, and resonance with our mission and ethos. Decisions are made in community by the Admissions Review Committee.