Student Council exists to create a space where people can change.

Student Body Relationships with Faculty and Staff

We believe The Seattle School’s education’s life-transforming impact is maximized in the context of mutual community. It is our desire that the faculty, staff, spouses, and student body of The Seattle School build relationships of respect, trust, and gratitude with one another. We all play a role in creating and supporting a community of lifelong learners at The Seattle School. As such, Student Council seeks to ensure these relationships are facilitated and maintained throughout the year.

Academic Excellence

It is our desire to join the faculty and staff of The Seattle School in laboring toward ensuring an excellent education for students throughout the academic year. Student Council facilitates the student body’s partnership with The Seattle School faculty and staff in addressing academic issues and concerns.


It is our desire that The Seattle School be a context where diverse populations of students may gather to encounter the broadest spectrum of life for the sake of knowing ourselves, each other, and God. Student Council actively pursues the question, “How do we engage difference as it is expressed at The Seattle School and the larger Seattle community?” It is our hope that, as a community, we might deepen our love for what is other and the multitude of its unique expressions. We seek to help our community discover generous ways of engaging around diversity on behalf of the kingdom of God.


Student Council is first and foremost a representative of the student body. We seek to be their voice, as well as a bridge to allow their voices to be heard. As such, it is imperative that we be visible, accessible, and approachable to the student body, staff, faculty, and spouses at The Seattle School. In doing so, our desire is to invite every student of The Seattle School to bring themselves and their voices to The Seattle School experience by embodying their considerable abilities, callings, and passions for the sake of the larger The Seattle School community and its mission. We desire to help students bring together learning from our classrooms with their own lived stories in a way that embodies the transformation we seek to bring in the world.