Dance. Sing. Sew. Paint. Compose. Play. Draw. Shape. Photograph. Film. Imagine. Create.

For seven days each academic year, artists from within our community resident in our building to create, explore, dialogue, and collaborate with one another in their artistic endeavors around a common theme. The rhythm of each day is up to the artists to structure for themselves. Each evening, artists come together around the table for dinner and fellowship with one another and the evening’s host in order to provide time for conversation and rest during the creative process.

The Artist Residency is open to students, spouses/partners, and alumni of The Seattle School. In the term following the residency, artists display their work in the Community Gallery and have the opportunity to share both their work and their creative process during a reception.

2016-2017: “Prayer at Rising”

Lindsay Braman
Katelyn Creech
Samantha Davis
Rosie Pearson
Genevra Vanhooser

2014-2015: “Becoming Whole”

Bethany Bylsma
Amber Englund
Joy Hilliker
Millie Hodnett
Julia Jenkins
Sheri Lewis

2013-2014: “Come Desire of Nations, Come”

Danielle Mitchell
Shannon Staunton
Allyson Arendsee
Lauren Begun
Cecelia Romero
Lauren Sawyer
Ryyan Mandrell
Katie Jensen
Cris Ramsdale

2012-2013: “Take Off the Garment of Your Sorrow and Affliction”

Amber Englund
Megan Handley
Tyler Henry
Alex Houseknecht
Katie Jensen
Katie Gray Landham
Kelly Pattison
Megan Peters
Ashley Roby
Daniel Snowden
Jana Sopher
Sarah Swift
Melissa Walbridge

2011-2012: “Welcoming the Stranger”

Amanda Barbee
Jay Briggs
Emily Jewell
Darcy Noonan
Kelly Pattison
Amy Pruitt
Laura Reimer
Austin Sailors
Amber Saldivar
Jocelyn Skillman
Becca Shirley
Maya Snowden
Michele Ward

2010-2011: “When Half Spent was the Night”

Amanda Barbee
Dan Cumberland
Michaela Duggins Cox
Nick Cox
Kira Elliot
Eratosthenes Fackenthall
Hilary Ann Golden
Jamelyn Keatts
Dana Mitchell
Adam Pallay
Daniel Snowden
Jessica Szymas
Daniel Tidwell

2009-2010: “Tell Me a Story of Jesus”

Cyndee Baldwin
Colleen Barrows
Clinton Campbell
Eratosthenes Fackenthall
Nicole Greenwald
Grant Guiley
Tucker Fitzgerald
Nicole Irene Jackson
Michael Menconi
Jackie Moulton
Adam Pallay
Eden Smith
Nikki Williams

2008-2009: “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”

Brandon Duncan
Courtney Good
Michael Menconi
Deb Montgomery
Jackie Moulton
Ben Oldham
Cris Ramsdale