Beauty. Justice. Community.

Develop a trauma-informed, community-oriented lens in your work. The Seattle School’s MA in Theology & Culture degrees value artistic expression, social justice, and community.

Your learning will cover a broad range of theological disciplines and perspectives as well as explore how theology intersects with psychology, culture, ethics, & philosophy. Be formed by key readings from a diverse group of authors including: Paolo Freire, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Mary Watkins, Helen Shulman, Dan Allender, and Walter Brueggemann.

These formative & relational programs are low-residency, allowing you to complete your degree from anywhere.

The MA in Theology & Culture degree programs are academically rigorous, interculturally competent, and globally aware and engaged, preparing students for lifelong learning. The degree emphasizes contextual learning and allows flexibility for the exploration of a diversity of student interests. It includes an apprenticeship experience and a capstone Integrative Project that prepares students to engage in collaborative leadership upon graduation.

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