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Master of Arts in Theology & Culture

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Your Community, Your Context, Our Classroom

Your vocational calling matters in service to God and neighbor. We’ve designed three low-residency Master of Arts in Theology & Culture (MATC) programs for artists, activists, and ministry leaders.

These degrees are for those who want to participate with God in God’s regenerative work through the arts, through community development, and through ministry. Our model cultivates a balance of integrated learning with colleagues across the three programs as well as tailored reading, writing, coursework, and contextualized learning experiences specific to each degree. Classes are held weekly within a relational and engaging online learning environment. In addition to weekly coursework, students take part in four residency gatherings for on-campus formative learning experiences during the two-year program.

We invite you to a degree program that engages vocational and ministry contexts with robust theological thinking skills, contextual understandings of the Scriptures and the world, and a hopeful imagination for serving God and neighbor through transforming relationships.

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