Campus Move

Stay up to date on the latest about our move to The Seattle School’s new campus. Students, faculty, staff, and friends can learn about our updated timelines, check out FAQ’s, and receive other campus move related news here.

The Seattle School campus will move to the main, street level floor (2nd floor) of 1130 Rainier Ave South in the Spring of 2025. The floor we’re occupying will undergo a period of construction for classrooms and other rooms before it is ready for us to move into. We are working with several partners, including the new building owners and construction consultants, to get the new space move-in ready. We’re excited to share some digital renderings of what a few of the new spaces will look like. Note that some of the furniture and fixtures may change.

Above: Classroom, Library, Student Commons, and Flex Conference Room at new campus

Above: North facing entrance of 1130 Rainier Ave South


Last Updated: January 24, 2023

We have made the decision to delay our move to 1130 Rainier Ave S until Spring 2025. We are completing arrangements to stay in our current building at 2501 Elliott Ave until our move, and our new target date is April 2025, pending completion of construction at our new campus at 1130 Rainier Ave South. One of the most significant challenges to our move schedule that we’ve run into involves the permitting process with the city of Seattle. Complying with the city’s required changes to our design requires additional time and cost for both the new building owners and The Seattle School. As we discussed this with the building owners, they presented a second option: to delay our move to Spring 2025, which would provide benefits and alleviate pain points for both parties.

As we know more information and a more detailed timeline, we will keep you informed via email and this webpage.

February 2024: “Saying Goodbye to 2501 Elliott Ave” event (February 2, 2024) to mark the beginning of a year-long transition

January 2024: Move delayed to Spring 2025

October 2023: General contractor selected & began ordering materials

September 2023: Construction plans finalized & permits submitted to city for approval

August 2023: Public Announcement of campus move to 1130 Rainer Ave S.

July: Board of Trustees & Executive Council selected 1130 Rainier Ave S. as new campus location


We’re working with the owners of the building, Nitze-Stagen, as well as various construction consultants and contractors during the construction process. Our internal transition team is working on project management, communication, design, and logistics

Project Management & Internal Communications: Gene Kim, Aaron Swanson, Ashley Wright
This team will focus on managing project timelines and budget and handle internal communications.

Design & Finishes: Kartha Heinz, Cheryl Goodwin, Gretchen Nickson, Ligaya Avila, Becca Shirley
This team will work on the finishes, design, and materials for our new space.

Move & Logistics: Daniel Walkup, Kwang Chi, Becca Shirley, Kelsey Wallace, Cheryl Goodwin
This team will coordinate all aspects of the move from our current building and into the new space.


Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make sure that we’re hearing what you’re wondering about, so we’ve created a quick and easy way to collect your questions. Submit your questions & wonderings here to help us understand what gaps in information exist so we can update information as we know it.

Last Updated: November 3, 2023

Where will winter term 2024 residency & on campus classes take place?

The 2024 winter residency and start of winter term on-campus classes will take place at 2501 Elliott Ave. We are pleased to have reached an agreement with the building owners to allow us to stay in our current building until the end of February (at minimum) and until the end of April (at maximum, if needed), pending completion of construction at our new campus at 1130 Rainier Ave South.

What is parking & transportation like at 1130 Rainier?

Bus: The Rainier Ave S & S Charles St bus stops are a short 5 minute walk from the new campus.

South Bound Bus Stop:
Rainier Ave S & S Charles St
Stop ID: 8590

North Bound Bus Stop:
Rainier Ave S & S Charles St
Stop ID: 8494

Car: Parking near campus on streets with non-restricted zones is allowed. There are several streets nearby the campus that are non-restricted. Please refer to the
current Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) map for the city of Seattle to determine if the street you plan to park on is restricted.