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Thank you for your interest in a Student Employment and/or a Work Study position at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology. Our current rate is $19.97 per hour, FICA tax exempt when enrolled in classes. When you work at the school you attend, student employees are exempt from FICA taxes (7.65%) when classes are in session. Accordingly, the effective hourly rate is actually $21.63 per hour (for comparison to outside employment). Student employees are also eligible for Seattle Safe & Sick Time paid time off. The positions below are only open to current students at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology. International students are welcome to apply for student employment, but are ineligible for work study funded roles.

Open Positions

Our Hiring Process

Step 1: Apply

  • Please read the job post carefully and apply if most of the qualifications and experience required for the position are met.
  • Different positions may require unique components in the application, so be sure to include everything outlined in the application requirements.
  • A completed Employment Application, which includes our statement of Faith, must be included in your application. You may attach a resume; please answer any sections not covered by your resume.
  • Email all application materials  to

Step 2: Pre-interview Questionnaire

  • Candidates with the closest match of qualifications to the job will receive  a pre-interview questionnaire.
  • If invited to complete a questionnaire, please download, complete, and email it back to as soon as you are able.

Step 3: Review & Interview

  • HR team members review all applications, qualifications and returned questionnaires. All those meeting the qualifications of the position are shared with the interview team.
  • The interview team reviews these final candidates and select who to interview.
  • Human Resources will contact selected candidates to set up interview times with the interview team.
  • A second interview may be required, depending on the position.
  • Each and every candidate will hear back from us regarding our decision. Explanations for hiring decisions will not be given.

Step 4: Background Check

  • Finalists will be asked to complete a background check and provide references. Employment is contingent on successful completion of  reference and background checks.

Step 5: Hiring

  • Only after all items above occur and a finalist is selected, may an offer of employment be extended. The Director of Human Resources executes all offers.
  • After HR has verbal acceptance on an offer, other finalists are notified of our decision.