Paul Steinke headshot

Paul Steinke, MA

Paul first came to The Seattle School from Nebraska as a student in 2001. In 2005, Paul graduated from the school with an MA in Christian Studies and is now the Vice President of Student & Alumni Development and the Dean of Students & Alumni.

In his role, Paul oversees the team of the Office of Students & Alumni seeking to pastor students & alumni and the systems that impact them.

Paul is a passionate advocate of organizations and ministries that invest in the ongoing formation of individuals and communities toward the love of God, creation, self, and neighbor for the life of the world. Paul serves as the President of the Board of Illuman of Washington, a community of men committed to a life-changing spirituality rooted in ancient patterns of initiation and ritual.

Paul Steinke is married to somatic psychotherapist and poet Sarah Steinke. Together they live on the Kitsap Peninsula with their children Pierce, Selah and Israiā€™elle. On any given day, he can be found listening to the jazz of Robert Glasper and Cassandra Wilson, at play in the mountains, or working through a board game with his family.