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Jeanette Scott headshot

Jeanette Scott, MA

Jeanette Scott started as a Practicum Facilitator after receiving her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology in 2008 from Mars Hill Graduate School. Currently, she serves as a Listening Lab Leader. “It is a joy to work with those who want to enter the mystery of who we are as human beings, made in God’s image, wounded by those we love, wounding those we love, healing and offering hope in the very places we have been wounded. We are complex, fragile, glorious creatures. Walking the first steps in graduate school with those who enter is an honor.”

Jeanette began her career as a junior high school teacher before working as a programmer/developer and then as a project manager in financial companies. For the past fifteen years, she has worked as a mental health counselor, offering hope and freedom from shame, offering to others what was first offered to her. The work of growing into believing, living, and being an image-bearer of God is sacred work. She strongly believes we must do our own work before we can offer much to others–so inviting those who also want to counsel into their own reflection and continued growth is deeply meaningful.

30 years ago, God plucked her from despair and shame, a slow pluck, filled with messiness and directions she would never have chosen or even foreseen, and she is forever grateful. Even though sometimes she gets pretty angry with God, she wants to continue to struggle so that she might grow and invite others to Life as she has been invited.

Growing up in Santa Clara, California, Jeanette loves the sun, and, after living for almost 50 years in the Seattle/Tacoma area, she appreciates the seasons that make sunshine special. She is proud of her grown daughter. Jeanette enjoys hosting dinners and groups at her home with a view of Puget Sound and her cat, Pandora. She also enjoys kayaking, gardening, and a tiny bit of ax throwing.