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Mallory Redmond, MA

Mallory Redmond graduated from The Seattle School in 2013 with an MA in Theology & Culture. Her MATC Integrative Project theoretically focused on the healing power of storytelling but, more practically, her project mostly highlighted her performance anxiety. She’d do the whole thing wildly differently today. 

While at The Seattle School, Mallory served as the Student Council Facilitator. Upon graduating, she worked for two years as an Assistant Instructor in a number of classes—a role she loved, honored with the opportunity to walk students through their early experiences at the school. 

Since then, Mallory moved to Dayton, Ohio, where she has lived for 7 years. In Dayton, she has done a number of different things: Pastor, Communications Director, Executive Assistant, Restaurant GM, Writer, and she has birthed a couple of adorable little girls. 

In her free time, Mallory loves running, actively avoiding potty training her children, and finding any sliver of sunshine the sky will gift to her.