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Lauren Peiser

In her current role as Director of Partnerships, Lauren Peiser focuses on cultivating mutually beneficial collaborations with outside organizations. Since joining The Seattle School in 2018, she has also served as an Admissions Counselor and as the Admissions Manager.

Lauren is passionate about linking together interdisciplinary partnerships where new understandings and discoveries emerge from places that could not be found alone. Excited by The Seattle School’s intersectional approach to learning, she finds an immense amount of joy when she has the opportunity to weave a diversity of perspectives and disciplines together for the common good.

Before working at The Seattle School, Lauren focused on working in community partnerships for a food studies center at a community college in Arkansas. She also spent multiple years working in the food and wine industry (including harvesting grapes and making wine in Sonoma and New Zealand!) and she holds multiple certificates in wine education. The intersection of collective well-being, spirituality, and food is something that she is always researching and discovering more about, as in this conversation on The Allender Center Podcast.

Lauren enjoys spending time in the woods with her two young sons and husband. She also loves hosting gatherings and dinner parties (where she’ll make sure to serve you an awesome beverage).