Mary Ellen Owen

Mary Ellen Owen graduated from The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology in 2001. She has been counseling in private practice since then: 3 years with Bill Clark and Associates in the Washington, D.C. area and since 2004 in Colorado Springs, CO. She completed the Advanced Counseling Certificate and Externship programs at The Allender Center. She now facilitates groups for The Allender Center’s training programs and Story Workshops.

Mary Ellen is passionate about the healing process in the context of relationship. She believes that we all need a safe place where our stories can be told in truth in the presence of a kind and wise witness. Where all our stories — the broken, the beautiful, the shamed, the horrific details can be told, wisely-named, interpreted, and given a place for grief. Where there is a waiting in and for the presence of God. Mary Ellen’s experience with The Allender Center’s training has never been short of this, and she feels the privilege and honor of journeying with clients and participants in the same way. She believes deeply in hope and healing and is so excited to get to be a part of this.