Gretchen Nickson

Gretchen joined The Seattle School’s Marketing & Communications team in 2022. Her responsibilities include collaborating and curating the holistic aesthetic of the mission and brand as well as stewarding the graphic representation of the organization through a multichannel approach. Gretchen creates design aspects across print, digital, web, and social media platforms.

Globally, she enjoys working with brands and organizations whose messaging and purpose bring about positive social change in the world. Gretchen was drawn to the expansive culture of The Seattle School as well as to its focus on relationship, collaboration, and healing.

Her work experience has been shaped by both big-brand ad agency spaces as well as non-profits. For more than ten years, Gretchen built brand and visual content for an anti-trafficking nonprofit, telling stories of freedom and new life for children and families in Ghana. She brings a passion to use hopeful and ethical storytelling to create design and culture that fosters empowerment and sustainability. Gretchen holds a BFA in Graphic Design with an emphasis in Photography from Abilene Christian University.

An avid marathon and trail runner, Gretchen also enjoys camping, hiking, and spending time in the mountains. She aspires to visit and explore all of the National Parks. Typically she’s reading no fewer than four books at a time. Based in Texas, Gretchen feels at home in a number of places across the globe.