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Wendell Moss headshot

Wendell Moss, MA

Wendell Moss graduated from The Seattle School in 2007 with an MA in Counseling Psychology. He has been part of The Allender Center’s Teaching Staff since 2010, and he also works as a Practicum Leader at The Seattle School and in private practice in the Seattle area.

Since 2007, Wendell’s work as a therapist and minister has focused on men, sexual addiction, sexual abuse, and the overall impact of addictions. He has been privileged to serve both men and women within The Allender Center in many realms: sexual abuse recovery (Men’s Recovery Week), lay leader education (Training Certificate), healing in marriage (The Marriage Workshop), pursuing delight and rest (Sabbath Weekend), and exploring childhood and identity formation (Story Workshop).

Wendell’s primary area of focus at The Allender Center is around men’s engagement with their stories in a way that tends to and cares for their younger selves within their stories. This focus allows him to foster deeper engagement of the impact of sexual abuse, addiction, and trauma. His work with The Allender Center also includes work with African-American men.