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Stephanie Bulthuis

Stephanie pivoted from a teaching role in a public school classroom to join the Seattle School as a Program Supervisor in doing the work of building healthy, purpose-driven communities. 

With a master’s degree in teaching from the University of Washington, and seven years of teaching experience, Steph is passionate about fostering connection, growth, and learning. 

She is a big believer in the power of community and the dynamic spirit of humanity, that we are always able to expand our horizons when we are given the opportunities and tools to listen, explore, and connect. Before teaching, she worked at the Library at Seattle Pacific University, supervising the circulation area, event planning, and copywriting. 

Steph currently lives on the Kitsap peninsula with her husband Markus, daughter Freyja, and cat Penny (they are ferry people now!). She is a photographer, an avid reader, a novice gardener, loves a good hike (accompanied by good snacks) and very much enjoys time with family and friends.