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Daniel Brown, PhD

Daniel Brown, PhD, began working at The Seattle School in 2022. As Adjunct Faculty, he has taught Human Growth & Development; Assessment, Appraisal & Diagnosis; and Introduction to Counseling Children and Adolescents. After graduating from The Seattle School in 2012, he received his PhD in Clinical Psychology-Emphasis on Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2020 with his dissertation titled “On the Use of the Nonsensuous in Psychotherapy”.

Daniel loves learning and teaching about psychology. Motivated by the theories offered within Depth Psychology tradition, including everything from Freud, Jung, Object Relations, and the existential/phenomenological schools of thought, he continues to be inspired daily by the opportunity psychoanalysis offers to explore our dream life and derive meaningfulness from unconscious aspects of our psyche, in ways reminiscent of the ancient Greeks. Daniel’s research and clinical interests include the contemporary application of the theories of Freud and Jung, especially their dream theories; British and American Object Relations psycho-analysis; the systemic, historical, and socio-cultural factors that impact mental illness (e.g., power and oppression, climate change, racial/economic inequality); and psychotherapy technique/outcome efficacy studies.

When he’s not at work he likes to be with loved ones and friends, spending time outdoors, and reading as many books as possible.