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Ligaya Avila headshot

Ligaya Avila

As Academic Programs & Financial Services Manager, Ligaya Avila is humbled to assist students with financial aid questions, whether it’s helping set up their student loans or connecting them to resources. She’s also excited to be managing our new Low-Residency program, coordinating events with amazing colleagues while communicating with students across the US and parts of the globe. Previous to these roles, Ligaya worked part-time in the Accounting Department for 6 years. She loves getting to work with both numbers and people! She values the Seattle School culture and community that promotes growth, self-care and work-life balance.

A creative career path led Ligaya to The Seattle School: instead of attending college, she chose to take a correspondence course on interior design and worked at a furniture store where she was introduced to the world of entrepreneurship. After being a self-employed bookkeeper for a decade, Ligaya responded to a Craigslist posting for an accounting position –and she got the job, arriving at The Seattle School in 2012. As a half-Filipina woman who previously applied for numerous college scholarships unsuccessfully, Ligaya finds another full-circle moment in her career with her work on the scholarship committee, awarding deserving recipients, while getting to know their unique stories.

A Missionary Kid who grew up in the Philippines, Ligaya appreciates those who truly love serving and helping others. In high school, she worked in an office, served as class Treasurer, traveled, and sang with the Gospel Team. Now she works in an office, deals with the Treasury at the Department of Education, travels with her husband and sons, and occasionally sings at local churches (and at The Seattle School)… then and now have similarities, just leveled up!

Water gives her life. Ligaya and her sons are most happy around any body of water, whether it’s at a giant water park or in kayaks at a small lake, or on an island like Maui, a post-pandemic treat! Her personal relationship with her Creator and Savior is at the forefront of all she does. Ligaya’s hope is to show agape love to all who cross her path while keeping it real.