Beauty. Justice. Community.

Do you want to build alternative communities that are equipped to provide healing to our fragmented world with nuance and grace? Our modern world is on the verge of social collapse and in desperate need of leaders who can respond to today’s challenges with complexity.

Our MA in Theology & Culture invites you to join a learning community that is passionate to recover the real teachings of Jesus. In our program, you will be challenged to address societal issues with non-binary, relational perspectives. You will develop a trauma-informed, community-oriented lens in your work. The Seattle School’s MA in Theology & Culture degrees value artistic expression, social justice, and community.

Your learning will cover a broad range of theological disciplines and perspectives as well as explore how theology intersects with psychology, culture, ethics, & philosophy. Be formed by key readings from a diverse group of authors including: Paolo Freire, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Mary Watkins, Helen Shulman, Dan Allender, and Walter Brueggemann.

These formative & relational programs are low-residency, allowing you to complete your degree from anywhere.

The MA in Theology & Culture degree programs are academically rigorous, interculturally competent, and globally aware and engaged, preparing students for lifelong learning. The degree emphasizes contextual learning and allows flexibility for the exploration of a diversity of student interests. It includes an apprenticeship experience and a capstone Integrative Project that prepares students to engage in collaborative leadership upon graduation.

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