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Webinar: Resilience for Spiritual Caregivers

As an expression of our deep commitment to serving God and neighbor through serving Christian leaders, you are invited to

Resilience for Spiritual Caregivers
A webinar with Resilient Leaders Project
of The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology
Thursday, April 16, 3:00pm PDT

The gospel writers tell us that Jesus withdraws from the crowds to “lonely places” or “wild spaces” to pray. In other words, Jesus takes care of himself, in response to his context, so that he can continue ministry.

In the global coronavirus crisis, many of us are in lonely places and wild spaces — sometimes at the same moment. How will you care for yourself so that you can continue in your ministry? How will you be cared for, so that you can care for the spiritual needs of others?

In this webinar, Kate Rae Davis will share learnings from Resilient Leaders Project about the essential components of resilience. All registrants will receive a recording.

“But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” – Luke 5:16, NIV
“But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.” – Luke 5:16, NLT