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Annual Community Spring Banquet

One Feast, Many Tables


As this academic year comes to a close, we grieve that we cannot be together to celebrate in our usual ways. However, our community’s creativity knows no bounds. Our annual Spring Banquet will be a virtual, co-created feast that includes the celebration of this year’s la danse Award designed by graduate and artist Kate Creech, the creative offerings from both Brian Bard and Deb Montgomery, as well as words and prayers from many of our community.  

Event Menu:

               Course 1  |  Welcome & Toasts

               Course 2  |  A Song  

               Course 3  |  2020 la danse Award

               Course 4  |  Community Prayer & Closing

When the simulcast ends, join the Zoom la danse party!  

Members of student leadership will have care packages waiting for you to pick up at depots around Seattle during the day on Saturday, June 6.

RSVP by Wednesday, June 3 or email for more information.